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Customer Testimonials
Our strength is the genuine care we provide to our customers and we appreciate it when they share their appreciation of what we love doing best.

Testimonial by Desiree - October, 2017
I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the absolute incredible service , care and attention. It is truly an eye opener to see what truly service is in the IT field.
Testimonial by Grant - August, 2017
Wow, Kalkbay for president. Thanks Kalkbay you have saved my live once again.
Testimonial by Madelein - July, 2017
Thank you so much! It's Sunday night, and it's not even part of the job, and you still do above and beyond. I'm really grateful!
Testimonial by Madelein - July, 2017
I've said it before, but your service is exceptional!
Testimonial by Grant - July, 2017
I must just add that you guys have been awesome, I thank you for that.
Testimonial by Andre - July, 2017
Thanks for the speedy service. I am seriously impressed and very satisfied.
Testimonial by Adriaan, Cape Town - August, 2016
Chees... you guys are efficient.....
Testimonial by Adriaan - August, 2016
Brilliant work! An absolutely great job!
Testimonial by Kim - August, 2016
Thank you...for sorting out my emails!
Testimonial by Raphael, Cape Town - July, 2016
Thanks for your great service!
Testimonial by Sho - April, 2016
Thanks for the smooth service.
Testimonial by Sho - January, 2016
Blessings on you guys.Thanks for the smooth service.
Testimonial by Gabriel - October, 2015
Thanks so much for the help…and on the weekend too! Your after-hours support is really appreciated!
Testimonial by Paula - May, 2015
Thank you very much for the past few year! We really had an effortless connection to all our domains.
Testimonial by Greg Katz - May, 2015
Thanks guys! Brilliant service.
Testimonial by Sho - April, 2015
Thanks for your top notch hosting!
Testimonial by Elma - January, 2015
You guys really rock!!
Testimonial by Madelein - December, 2014
As always, thank you for the speedy and excellent service.
Testimonial by Reghardt - December, 2014
Thank you very much...for your detailed report, I really appreciate it.
Testimonial by Tracy - November, 2014
Wow, that was speedy!!! exceptional service Kalk Bay Support!
Testimonial by Gabriel, Joburg - June, 2014
Thank you for your quick response and thank you for a great service, since I applied for the hosting I never once had to email or call because of downtime or problems.
Testimonial by Clive, Cape Town - June, 2014
Thank you so much guys, you are all stars. #HAPPYCLIENT
Testimonial by Gert Scheepers - June, 2013
Thanks for all the devotion from your side to get things sorted.
Testimonial by Rowland - March, 2013
I would like to thank you and your support staff for the help afforded me to get my site up and running.
Testimonial by Rowland - March, 2013
Your support is truly amazing.
Testimonial by Gabriel, Cape Town - February, 2013
Many thanks for being so readily available to help at such short notice.
Testimonial by Madelein - December, 2012
Thank you so much for everything and all the extra support and service. You guys are great!
Testimonial by Resimate - December, 2012
Excellent service!
Testimonial by Anna - November, 2012
Thank you so much for all the support and great service you have given us over the last few years, you and your 'enlightened' team ;) have been a pleasure to work with.
Testimonial by David - November, 2012
Thanks for your kindness and speedy service.
Testimonial by Carmen, Cape Town - September, 2012
Thanks again for always attending to our things so quickly & efficiently.
Testimonial by Nora, Storms River - August, 2012
Thank you for your patience and trouble.
Testimonial by Oliver, South Africa - July, 2012
Thanks for being so thorough!
Testimonial by Jennifer, Tanzania - June, 2012
Thank you so much for assisting us through this, we appreciate your speedy and efficient response.
Testimonial by Ali, Joburg - June, 2012
Thank you so much for your effort, I really appreciate it.
Testimonial by Graeme Jackson - June, 2012
Really impressed with your service throughout, thank you for that!
Testimonial by Rantshweu, Joburg - May, 2012
I am very happy with your service.
Testimonial by Clint, Cape Town - May, 2012
You rock!
Testimonial by Greg - May, 2012
Thanks for such a fast service.
Testimonial by Graeme - May, 2012
Thank you again for the great services, I will not hesitate to recommend you on a personal level to many friends in the industry.
Testimonial by Joan - April, 2012
Thank you for the incredible advice and support which is putting my business on the map.
Testimonial by Brett - April, 2012
Your service is impeccable!
Testimonial by Juan - April, 2012
Thanks for the excellent service!
Testimonial by Tahir - April, 2012
Thank you for your reply on a holiday, I appreciate it....
Testimonial by Brett - March, 2012
Your response time is impressive :)
Testimonial by Peter - March, 2012
Your service is second to none...
Testimonial by Chanda - March, 2012
Great service I must say!!!
Testimonial by Isaac - March, 2012
Thank you for the exceptional service at kalkbay!
Testimonial by Resimate - March, 2012
Thank and Thank you again for the great service from day one.
Testimonial by Condry - March, 2012
Thank you very much for the...excellent service!
Testimonial by Anna, Cape Town - February, 2012
We have had nothing but the best service and attention since we moved to your services.
Testimonial by Graeme - February, 2012
When we had issues you were on the ball and available over and above what was required.
Testimonial by Clint - February, 2012
Very professional and super friendly :)
Testimonial by Anna - February, 2012
We have had nothing but the best service and attention since we moved to your services.
Testimonial by Peter - February, 2012
What fabulous service !!!!
Testimonial by Goodfan - November, 2011
Love your service!
Testimonial by Rhoda - November, 2011
“Thanks for your speedy response!”
Testimonial by Rhoda, Cape Town - October, 2010
Thanks...as always super efficient!!
Testimonial by Justine - August, 2010
thank you for setting up my webmail - think you've just simplified my life
Testimonial by Donald, Fish Hoek - July, 2010
Testimonial by Rodger, Cape Town - July, 2010
Testimonial by Kate, UK - July, 2010
Thanks Kalkbay, you have given me the most efficient way to communicate with the WHOLE world!
Testimonial by Marc, Scarborogh - July, 2010
I am well pleased with the site and service.
Testimonial by Gaetan, Greyton - July, 2010
Thank you for your commitment!
Testimonial by Ruan, South Africa - July, 2010
I must just once again thank you for the support thus far! You've been brilliant in answering my questions.
Testimonial by Mark, Forestvale - July, 2010
Thanks for the help once again. Your service is amazing!
Testimonial by Anton, Cape Town - July, 2010
Your response time has been amazing!
Testimonial by Francois, Cape Town - July, 2010
Thanks for the prompt reply!
Testimonial by Robin Auld, Cape Town - July, 2010
You're playing my song!
Testimonial by Peter, Johannesburg - July, 2010
We are really happy with the site, and trust that we are going to do loads of business from it...
Testimonial by SAFeAGE, Cape Town - July, 2010
You are SUCH A STAR!!! SAFeAGE really appreciates all you do for us.
Testimonial by Nicolaas, Wilderness - July, 2010
Thank you very much for all the help thus far, the support has really been great.
Testimonial by Anneke, Cape Town - July, 2010
You guys rock!
Testimonial by Rhoda, Cape Town - July, 2010
Your support team managed this one very well, as always!!
Testimonial by Rhoda, Cape Town - July, 2010
Thanks....as always fabulous response and support!!
Testimonial by Fred, Cape Town - July, 2010
Just wanted to thank you all for your sterling efforts.

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